Spore Series

Released in 2008 by Maxis, Spore allows you to create your unique creature and guide it on an epic journey through a universe of your own creations as you work through five evolutionary phases: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.

BeyondSims has archives of Spore news from 2007 onwards, as well as a vast collection of tutorials and downloads!

Bit-Gamer – Darkspore review

Even the genetic heroes, which you pilot through Darkspore’s plentiful but ultimately samey alien worlds, are a bit of a disappointment. Supposedly,...

Guardian.co.uk – Darkspore review

Originality is sadly no guarantee of gaming quality. 2009's Spore is a great example. The concept – create and mould lifeforms and take...

Destructoid – Darkspore review

Darkspore's stats aren't particularly complex, however. There's the standard health and power, which determine your hit points and "mana." Strength, dexterity, and...

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Playing through Darkspore makes me wonder if this is a precursor to a larger sequel, in which Maxis will expand on the concept....

DarkSpore Patch

There's a new patch out today and you can get it by updating via the launcher. Here are the fixes. Thanks to SimsGalore for the...

Gamespy – Darkspore review

Darkspore does have a couple of nifty metagaming ideas thrown in. For example, after completing a level, you're presented with a choice: Go...

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Although there's an interesting sci-fi story, Darkspore doesn't have much of a personality. While the campaign is long and surprisingly challenging, there...

Darkspore – 9 launch day screenshots

I didn't get around to posting these 9 screens released last Tuesday, so here they are!

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This system is clearly intended to promote strategy and diversity as well as risk-taking, but all too often it means sighing resignedly, ...

(Newsletter) – Darkspore is now available!

If you haven't noticed, Darkspore is now available!