Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Glamorous Getaway Live Event Tutorial

Glamorous Getaway Live Event Tutorial – The Sims FreePlay

With the latest update for The Sims FreePlay, Falling for Fall, there is a new live event! In response to a previous player survey, FireMonkeys have shared that there was a demand for glamour...
The Sims 3 Tutorial

Tutorial: Fix Audio Crackling on The Sims 3 for Mac (64-bit & Metal)

The Sims 3 was finally upgraded from its 32-bit, Windows-emulated mess of a Mac port to a native, 64-bit, metal-supporting application earlier in 2022. This was fantastic news for Mac users as Apple stopped supporting...
Error 0 Workaround

Error Code 0 When Saving? Try These Workarounds!

Error Code 0 is never a fun thing to appear when playing The Sims 4. It occurs when you try to save your game and it fails to do so, which can be slightly...

Neighborhood Stories System Tutorial

With the new update to The Sims 4 bringing a new Neighborhood Stories system, we have decided to put together a quick tutorial video explaining how the new system works, and how you can...
Checking your internet speed and tips for faster game downloads

Tips to Check Your Internet Speed and Improve It for Faster Game Downloads

We all know the excitement you feel when a new Sims game gets released. You rush to your computer or console to download it as quickly as possible, and then you remember you have...
Sims 1

How To Play The Sims 1 on Newer Computers (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7)

:!: Last Updated: 13th August 2022 - Updated troubleshooting step for manually launching the setup and if setup shows an autoplay error. Fixed link for optional patch executable. :!:   With The Sims recently celebrating its...

The Sims 2: Fixing Graphics Issues on Newer Computers

The Sims 2 was released back in September 2004 and, at the time of writing this, that was almost 17 years ago. It was very much designed for operating systems at the time such...
Surgeon Career in The Sims Mobile

How to Unlock the Surgeon Career in The Sims Mobile

A new quest is arriving in The Sims Mobile on the 28th March 2019 - the Mysteryious Benefactor Story (did someone at EA mis-spell something here?). This new quest will allow you to unlock the...

The Sims FreePlay Sophisticated Socialite Live Event

It's time for another year of awesome content from the Firemonkeys team, developers of The Sims FreePlay! To kickstart the New Year, they have launched a new live event called the Sophisticated Socialite Live Event!...

The Sims FreePlay Missing Claus Seasonal Quest Walkthrough

It's time for the Holiday 2018 update in The Sims FreePlay and it is jam packed full of content! We walk through the entire Missing Claus Seasonal Quest to show you what you everything...