About BeyondSims

One of the Oldest Sims Fansites on the Web

BeyondSims is a UK-based fansite outlet for The Sims, SimCity and various other titles on PC, Console and Mobile. The site strives to deliver Sims news, exclusive previews, honest reviews and unique content, making us your #1 stop! BeyondSims also offers a large directory of tutorials for all Sims games, SimCity and Spore. 

In 2014, BeyondSims co-founded the Simmers Meetup with Rachybop and MaaikeSww. This was an annual event held in the UK until 2016 where Simmers from all over the world came together to celebrate the franchise. Three events were held – two in London and one in Manchester – attracting over 300 Simmers, SimGuru’s, llamas (yes really!) and more. 

Today, BeyondSims remains a fan outlet bringing you content for your favourite Sims titles! As a member of the EA GameChanger / EA Creator program, the site is known for honest reviews, exclusive content, archival content and the Llama Drama Podcast. 

Simmers Meetup 2014
Simmers Meetup 2014

About Dan (Owner of BeyondSims)

Website History

BeyondSims can trace its roots back to the 18th August 2000, where a site called SimPrograms was launched by Jud Hudson. The site was started to give people a helping hand and to share information to fellow programmers in The Sims community. In 2007, the site was moved over to a CMS platform which made updating the website easier and we still have all of the news content from 2007 onwards in our archives today! 

On the 7th November 2012, ownership of the website was transferred to Dan, who had been working on the website since March 2011. SimPrograms was rebranded to BeyondSims a month later to mark the change. The site was relaunched as BeyondSims on the 5th December 2012 with a focus on new content and providing high quality news.

Whilst the website itself has a different identity and content, archival content from SimPrograms still remains on the site.

Remembering Bryce

Bryce, known as The Black Scorpion/Bafendo within The Sims community, was a contributor to SimPrograms/BeyondSims for many years. He sadly passed away in March 2016 after his battle with two types of cancer. We will always remember him for his friendly nature, passion, and dedication to The Sims and gaming communities he as a part of.