Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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    From the world of MySims to the likes of SimAnimals, and all the things in between.

    EA Offering Annual Memberships for Origin Access

    EA have started to offer annual memberships for their Origin Access service, similar to the EA Access platform on the Xbox One platform.Incase you...

    DRM-Free SPORE Collection Released on

    Spore was Maxis' next big thing in 2008 when it was released. From Single Cell to Galactic God, you can evolve your creature in a...

    SimCity BuildIt Summer Sports Update; Coming June 26th

    The SimCity BuildIt social channels has teased an upcoming Summer Sports Update for the game, and it's arriving next week! Get your cities ready, Mayors....

    How SimCity BuildIt Created Future Cities

    I quite enjoy playing SimCity BuildIt, and it appears that the team has took a lot of assets from the SimCity Cities of Tomorrow...

    Time Flies… The Sims Medieval Was Released 5 Years Ago!

    Five years ago, on the 25th March 2011, The Sims Medieval was released in the UK.It was five years ago that players became "The...

    EA Launches Origin Access, A Monthly Game Subscription Service

    After the success of EA Access on the Xbox One, it seems that EA has decided to bring the service to Origin, their platform...

    “The Big Mod Direct” for MySims Being Held December 21

    While the MySims franchise has been very quiet since MySims SkyHeroes several years ago, and we have the archives to prove it, a group...

    EA Retiring DarkSpore Servers in March 2016

    Darkspore, released in 2011 by Maxis, was an interesting take on the Spore franchise and essentially mixed the formula of Diablo with Spore to...

    London is Coming to SimCity BuildIt

    Exciting news for SimCity BuildIt fans! EA has announced that a new game update, which is launching on November 24th, will bring London to...

    Kotaku: “Forget No Man’s Sky. I’m Getting Hyped To Play Some Spore”

    Something fun to share comparing 2008's Spore to the upcoming game No Man's Sky. An interesting read for all Spore fans! Surely you remember Spore?...