Llama Drama Podcast

Your Go-To Podcast for The Sims

The Llama Drama Podcast has been broadcasting to Simmers all over the world every month since August 2018! We are your go-to podcast for everything Sims related, including The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay, with a sprinkle of the hosts daily lives!

Join Dan of BeyondSims.com and Rachael of rachybop.com as they discuss everything about The Sims, their lives and more in this regular podcast!

Podcast Hosts

Dan (BeyondSims)

The owner of BeyondSims.com and has been simming since the days of The Sims 1!

Rachael (Rachybop)

The owner of Rachybop.com and known for her YouTube channels, as well as Simlish song parodies.