Saturday, January 22, 2022

    Spore Series

    Released in 2008 by Maxis, Spore allows you to create your unique creature and guide it on an epic journey through a universe of your own creations as you work through five evolutionary phases: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.

    BeyondSims has archives of Spore news from 2007 onwards, as well as a vast collection of tutorials and downloads!

    Darkspore Patch Notes

    A new patch has appeared, do you wish to battle?  YES | NO GeneralTeleporter teleporting back to incorrect locations fixed. /dance is now enabled! There are...

    Darkspore’s Dance Compilation

    I suppose this is an effective way to advertise their game, lol.  Looks like the folks over at Maxis are having a little fun...

    6/9/11 – Darkspore Patch Preview

    No idea when this patch is coming, but Maxis posted a preview of what will be corrected in their next patch for Darkspore: GeneralTeleporter teleporting...

    Darkspore Patch

    A new patch for our Darkspore players, here's the patch notes straight from the horse's mouth: GeneralSlightly reduced the average number of waves in the...

    Darkspore fan-made movie trailer

    Now this would make for an epic movie if it could be done like this.  Video created by Bloodrunsclear

    Rumor – Darkspore to head to PS3/Xbox 360

    Awhile back, Darkspore producer Mike Perry stated in a past interview that if there was enough demand for it, Darkspore could possibly be ported...

    New York Times – Darkspore review

    Unlike most action-role-playing games, which are set in medieval fantasy worlds, Darkspore is nominally science fiction set in outer space. Of course...

    Darkspore Hotfix update – May 10th

    No idea what version number this is - but TerraSpore caught wind of it and decided to stick a date on it, so I'll...

    Gaming Union – Darkspore review

    Progression gripes aside, the gameplay just doesn't feel that great. Honestly, it all feels very dated and static - far from the "fast...

    Amazon – Darkspore for $30

    Not sure how long this deal will last, but Amazon has Darkspore available to purchase for only $30.  Special deal or perhaps a sign...