There’s a new patch out today and you can get it by updating via the launcher.

Here are the fixes. Thanks to SimsGalore for the info.

* Fixed an issue where players that disconnected would bypass the tutorial.
* Fixed an issue that could result in progression being reset if you dropped out of a game right after joining.
* Removed the Show Pickups (Enemy) game setting in the Options menu.
* Fixed an issue causing heroes to freeze after activating a health obelisk.
* Squad bindings now properly refresh in game.
* Heroes can now turn in place while rooted.

*Fixed various crashes that occurred during missions and improved the general stability of the game.

* Fix for heroes becoming invisible due to baking timing issues.
* Fixed an issue where blood could be drawn on top of mutation agents.
* Made health and power capsules easier to pick up.
* Added and fixed some particles to enemies in Scaldron levels.
* Improved black smoke appearance.
* The black hole in Zelem’s Nexus now shakes the screen even more.

* Laser Tank damage zones now sync up better with the beam visuals.
* Fixed a bug where the initial hit from Laser Tanks was always instantly hitting twice.
* Increased the effectiveness of Ragetusk’s damage buff.
* Resistant Elites now show “Immune” when they resist an attack.
* Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck in the second cave on an Infinity level.
* Protoplasm NPCs now grow stronger at the correct rate.
* Increased the size of the shields from the Shielded affix slightly in Invasion and Apocalypse.
* Reduced the amount of healing from Regenerative in Invasion and Apocalypse, but it now ticks more often.
* Ghostly and Reflective are now 25%/50%/75% in the various difficulty modes, down from 50%/70%/90%.
* There is now a buff icon for the self-rez ability that can be stolen from Pouncing Stalkers.
* Arcturus and his variants now have more health.
* Arcturus’s saw blade attack now completes more quickly.
* Arcturus now spawns Scarab enemies more often.
* Improved pathing in Merak’s boss area.
* Elites with the Carapace affix now have a higher cap on the damage they can take.
* Fixed a bug with Voltroids where they would prefer to continue charging each other up in a corner rather than chasing down a hero with a full charge.
* Darkspore diseases now deal more damage in Invasion and Apocalypse.
* Reduced the damage of Charging Grendel’s charge.
* Suppression Mechanoid’s aura now shows up at the feet of heroes that it’s suppressing and now clears more quickly if the player moves out of range.
* Fixed a bug where the Spirit Drifter wasn’t applying suppression.
* NPC affix auras no longer affect destructibles.
* Nova enemies now drop more mines when they die in Invasion and Apocalypse.
* Crisis Weeds will no longer attack when they aren’t quite in range yet.

* Fixed the DNA costs displayed in buyback tab.
* Fixed creature portraits so there are no awkward cut-offs.
* Detail parts now have their own limit and don’t count against the inventory limit for stat parts.
* Added additional PvE, PvP stats in the Helix window under Profile > More Details.
* Improved style and positioning of party invite pop-up.
* Settings screen now scales correctly at different resolutions.
* Aligned in-game inventory window to the side so it does not obscure view when exchanging loot.
* General improvements in icon readability and consistency.

* Fixed an issue causing hands and feet to scale parts improperly.
* When selling, it is now more clear that an equipped item is locked and cannot be sold until unequipped.
* Fix for flair parts that share the same ref id – only one was showing up in the palette
* Detail parts will no longer show their old genesis type restriction.
* Tweaked animations and effects on mechanical arms.

* Matchmaking will now always try to find at least one additional person before ending.
* Cooperation stat effects are now slightly weaker.
* Cooperation stat effects now more smoothly transitions between on and off in the 4-8 level range.

* Fixed issue where hero feet were clipping into the ground in Scaldron PvP arena.
* Several fixes to camera clipping and visibility issues on Scaldron.
* Fixed a floating rock in the Scaldron arena
* Fixed players clipping with broken columns, and made the totems in Orcus’ boss area non-destructible.
* Removed some inaccessible destructible objects.
* Made some obelisks easier for sentinels to interact with.
* Cleaned up various texture, shadow, and lighting elements on Scaldron, Verdanth, and Nocturna levels.

* Daily objective is now labeled as such in the Objective window.
* The destructible object objective is now available again.
* Removed the obelisks collection objective from daily objectives.
* Fixed an issue with objective messages not displaying when a gold medal has been achieved.
* Tweaked the message for using a health obelisk to make it more clear that it’s not beneficial for your medals.

* Andromeda now has better quantum-themed sounds.
* Meditron now has better tech-themed sounds.
* Fixed various SFXs and added new music stings for operatives.
* Added a sound for the Maser Tank’s cleansing effect.

* Increased the base amount of Health on Defense items.
* Slightly decreased the base amount of Power on Utility items.
* The Benevolence suffix (Health and Pet Health) can no longer show up on Quantum, Cyber or Necro items.
* Parts with the attribute ‘Immune to being pulled by Darkspore’ now only work in Campaign mode.

* Attack speed bonuses now increase attack frequency by a percentage rather than reducing the cooldown between attacks by a percentage. (Previously, +50% attack speed made you attack twice as often, but now it requires +100%.)
* Increased the attack speed cap to +150%.
* Increased the amount of attack speed granted by loot and other buffs.
* Increased the attack speed bonus of overdrive.
* Fixed a bug with attack speed affecting movement animations.

* Squad abilities no longer share a cooldown if multiple variants of the same hero are in a squad.
* Charged Fist now requires a target.
* Affliction Bolt can now pass through terrain.
* Lifeforce Siphon’s cooldown has been increased slightly. The casting range and channel break distances have been reduced.
* Homing attacks no longer follow heroes who are stealthed.
* Charge abilities cannot begin while rooted.

* Arboreal Might now increases damage by 20% in PvP but only stacks twice.

* Elemental Guardian’s health has been greatly increased.
* Plasma Spray minimum channeling time has been reduced to 0.8 seconds.

* Goliath’s heal debuff should no longer be applied multiple times.

* Web Transfusion now deals more damage at higher gear levels as intended.
* Spirit Catcher no longer returns power when killing destructible objects.

* Fixed an issue where Magnos Beta could not be saved if his eyes were replaced.

* Reconstruct’s power cost has been increased.
* Reconstruct no longer gives extra health if you swap while Reinforced is active.

* Revenant special loot that modifies Terrifying curse now affects NPCs only, and not players.
* Revenant special loot that modifies duration of Terrifying curse now works properly.

* Fixed a bug for Savage getting a defeat in PvP when he still has a self-resurrection left.

* Greatly increased the health of Auto Turret.
* Auto Turret can no longer dodge or resist attacks.
* Auto Turret’s health has been greatly increased.

* Shadow Sting now has a cap on the amount of damage increase it can provide (the cap scales with Skar’s Dexterity).

* Rampant Growth now has the correct ability icon.

* Venomblade, Thornado, and Toxicity now have the correct ability icons.
* Thornado now deals physical damage up front, followed by energy damage from the poison.

* Death’s Embrace is now affected by diminishing returns.
* Death’s Embrace can now be cleansed by Tork or transferred by Meditron.