No idea what version number this is – but TerraSpore caught wind of it and decided to stick a date on it, so I’ll do the same.  Here are the fixes:


  • Fixed some issues which could cause players to be returned to the Arsenal from within a game.
  • Enrage will now properly scale with Strength on Sentinels and Dexterity on Ravagers instead of always using Mind.
  • Reduced the effect of multiplayer hero scaling.
  • Fixed a bug where obelisks and health obelisks would pop out of existence too quickly after being used.


  • Fixed a bug where Accurate elites were always critting instead of critting 50% of the time.
  • Ghostly and Reflective elites adjusted to 25%/40%/60% resistance.
  • Deadly elite damage bonus reduced to 50%.
  • Persistent elites now resurrect at 50% health, down from 60%.
  • Tough elite health bonus reduced to 50%.
  • Unstoppable elites are no longer immune to DoTs, but gained immunity to Suppression.
  • Arcturus will spawn fewer Scarabs in Invasion and Apocalypse difficulty.
  • Elites now have fewer additional abilities at various threat ratings.
  • Elites have a reduced spawn chance at the higher threat ratings.
  • Reduced the health bonus for elites slightly.
  • Laser Tank beams no longer tick twice for damage on initial contact.
  • Reduced the range of Elite auras in Onslaught and Invasion modes.
  • Persistent aura will no longer stay on when the elite providing the aura has been fully killed.
  • Ghostly/Reflective/Shifted shaders will no longer incorrectly stay on enemies when the elite providing the aura has been killed.


  • Unpredictability dodge bonus reduced to 75%.


  • Plasma Wreath resist bonus reduced to 75%.


  • Increased the cooldown of Ghostform to 24 seconds.


  • Toxic Spores will no longer deal less damage when continually attacking the same target.
  • Sporogenesis now heals more but costs significantly more power.


  • Resonance no longer adds additional damage for Dodge or Resist chances over 100%


  • Missile Barrage will now channel for longer and launch additional missiles if SRS-42 has AoE Duration items equipped.
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