Joystiq – Darkspore review


Although there’s an interesting sci-fi story, Darkspore doesn’t have much of a personality. While the campaign is long and surprisingly challenging, there aren’t any NPCs to interact with or side quests beyond fulfilling a handful of bonus objectives. There isn’t even a way to replay cutscenes. It’s also hard to get too invested in your characters when you’re switching between them all so frequently.

There are a few major bugs, like one that made my characters inexplicably unable to attack or move. There’s also the issue of requiring an constant online connection. To the game’s credit, it will place you at your last position if you lose connection with the game server, but it doesn’t pause the action while you’re out of commission – not even in a solo game. So, if you happen to be fighting a boss or fending off a horde of beasties, your hero is likely to be wiped out before you reconnect.

review here (3/5 stars)


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