Wednesday, January 19, 2022
    Sims 4 Farmland Mod

    Mod Showcase: The Sims 4 Farmland

    A well-known modder in The Sims community, Arnie (@TheSims_Plus) has released a trailer for an upcoming mod pack called The Sims 4 Farmland!This mod...
    EA Desktop App

    Origin to Rebrand as “EA Desktop App”

    As EA's shake up of their branding continues, following recent changes of Origin Access to EA Access & EA Access Pro, it seems like...

    Reticulating Splines… More content is on the way!

    Uuuuh, hello? Is this thing on?It's been a while since I have posted anything on, and things have been quite sparse on my...
    Moschino x The Sims image

    MoschinoXTheSims Capsule Collection Now Available (and it’s super expensive)

    Earlier this week we shared the news that there would be a new collaboration between Moschino, an Italian fashion company, and The Sims.This collection...
    The Sims Mobile

    How Adorable Is This? These Parents Play The Sims Mobile Together Every Night

    This is perhaps one of the most heartwarming and wholesome stories that I have seen floating around the Simming community for a while now.The...
    Third person camera mod

    Play The Sims 3 in Third Person Mode With This Mod

    The modding community never fails to amaze me with the game-changing things they can create for The Sims series. All Sims games still have...
    Pokemon Battle Scene Recreation in The Sims 4

    Simmer Recreates Nintendo Switch Pokemon Scene in The Sims 4

    The Simming community is full of creative people who always surprise us with the builds, Sims, custom content, machinima and other items that they...
    5 features we want to see in The Sims 5

    5 Features We Want to See in The Sims 5

    The Sims 4 was released in 2014, that's over four years ago now. Usually at this point in the lifetime of a main Sims...

    EA FireMonkeys Studio, Developer of The Sims FreePlay, Hit By Layoffs

    In recent weeks it seems that the video games industry has been plagued with a variety of layoffs at various developers. Activision, the developers...

    Gerri Lawlor, Original Voice Actor on The Sims, Sadly Passes Away

    Robi Kauker, audio director at Maxis, has shared some sad news on The Sims official website today regarding Gerri Lawlor, the original voice actress...