A new patch for our Darkspore players, here’s the patch notes straight from the horse’s mouth:


  • Slightly reduced the average number of waves in the mid-level hordes in Invasion and Apocalypse
  • Fix for not getting catalysts during the catalyst tutorial if you switched heroes right before they were distributed
  • Game scoreboard is now accessible while dead
  • Updated the message for health obelisks to make it more clear that it’s not a good thing for your medals
  • Changed the chaining rarity chance bonus from 3/6/10% to a flat 4% bonus for every planet completed beyond the first
  • Slightly increased Darkspore damage in threat ratings 1-1 to 3-4 and greatly reduced Darkspore damage in Apocalypse mode.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Minkar’s items to have more Attack Speed than intended
  • Increased the stats on items of item level 130 and above
  • Catalysts renamed from “rare” and “epic” to “rarified” and “purified” to match loot
  • Slightly increased the chance to get purified special items
  • Increased the stat caps for ranks 13 to 18
  • Scaling catalysts (Strength/Dex/Mind/Crit/Health/Power/Dodge/Resist) now provide increased stats, especially at higher threat levels
  • Reduced the amount of Helpful Status Effect Duration bonus granted by special items and increased their other stats


  • Fix for incorrect tooltip comparison showing on heroes with 2 offense/defense/utility slots
  • Fix for Weapons disappearing when you use the Recycle button on Hands
  • Fix for Weapons on SRS, Wraith & others appearing backward
  • Fix for issues when editing Weapons on Heroes with more than two instances of the weapon
  • Detail slot management & tooltip improvements


  • Added items that improve the squad abilities of SRS-42, Sage, Magnos, Blitz, and Wraith
  • Ability enhancement loot now also modifies the visual effects for that ability
  • Increased both the base and max health of Vex, Viper, Maldri, Blitz and Skar


  • Dazing Shot now deals physical damage instead of energy damage


  • Strangling Briars now deals physical damage rather than energy damage


  • Reconstruct now counts as periodic healing and therefore benefits from effects like Tork’s Rampant Growth


  • Pain Hounds are now more aggressive


  • Plasma Wreath resist bonus decreased to 50%


  • Chain Lightning deals increased damage


  • Plasma Spray now reduces healing to affected enemies for 5 seconds


  • Unpredictability dodge bonus decreased to 50%


  • Fixed a bug where the curse effect from Terrifying Curse would override aura effects


  • Reduced the attack speed and increased cooldowns for captain NPCs
  • Ciminator the Unyielding, SDD-12 the Great War-Mech, and ZW-08 the Omnipotent now have fewer hit points
  • Enemies without line of sight now chase their targets
  • The root ability from Tanglid enemies now deals physical damage instead of energy damage
  • Reduced the health and damage of elite lieutenants
  • Reduced the damage of elite minions
  • Reduced the damage of Retractile Tentaclers and Ungulating Tentaclers
  • Reduced the number of waves in the boss horde in Apocalypse mode
  • Reduced the number of affixes on elite lieutenants in Apocalypse
  • Reduced elite spawn chances in the latter half of Apocalypse
  • The Regenerative elite affix no longer heals more often based on the difficulty mode

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