What new fixes/features will be in store for the next update of Darkspore? MaxisKyle shares with us what they are over at the official Darkspore forum. No word yet when the patch will be released, but I’m sure it’s near.


  • Added a parts store in the inventory that will refresh periodically with new random items of all rarities purchasable with DNA. Players can use their DNA rewards from PvP or DNA picked up in PvE to improve their equipment here.
  • Fix for being unable to use your basic attack after interrupting your basic attack with an ability.
  • Fix crash that would rarely occur when moving catalysts around.
  • Catalysts and other buffs that increase Strength, Dexterity or Mind will now allow you to exceed the stat caps of secondary stats like Dodge, Resist, and Critical Rating.
  • Darkspore Operatives will no longer lock down the last remaining player.
  • The debuff from Decelerators now correctly says Slowed instead of Snared.
  • /tanzen will now allow your heroes to dance in the German client.
  • Patcher now displays the correct number of files to be checked.
  • Optimized the file validation system.
  • The Spiky and Spiky Aura affixes will no longer deal extra damage based on elite status or the presence of the Deadly affix. The returned damage will just be a flat 20%/30%/40% of the damage taken, based on the current mode.

Hero General

  • Proximity Mine now benefits from +% Area Effect Damage loot.
  • Soul Link now properly refreshes its duration if used when the buff is already active.


  • Added a sound effect to Fiery Eruption.


  • Brutal Assault now correctly benefits from +% Physical Damage loot instead of +% Energy Damage.


  • Attractor Bomb now benefits from +% Area Effect Damage loot.


  • Absorption Shield now has better scaling during overdrive.


  • Toxic Spores tooltip now correctly updates its damage with +% Bio Damage loot.


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