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  • Teleporter teleporting back to incorrect locations fixed.
  • /dance is now enabled! There are 25 unique dances, and each hero variant will perform a different one.
  • Fixed the positioning of buffs and catalysts at large resolutions.
  • Fix for unintentionally initiating a vote kick when opening a party member’s profile.
  • Cryos stalagmites and Infinity factory lights are no longer targetable and don’t count towards the destructible objective.
  • Pets now share their owner’s movement speed buffs.
  • Reduced the damage radius for Cryos lava geysers.
  • The self-resurrection buff that can be stolen from Pouncing Stalkers now has a name and description.
  • There is now an 80% cap on a hero’s or Darkspore’s chance to dodge or resist an attack, after all stats/passives/buffs/catalysts/affixes are taken into account.
  • Endless play mode: enemy damage scaling is reduced but enemy health scaling is increased.
  • The experience bonus for playing with multiple players in the group has been significantly increased.
  • Power capsules now only replenish 10% power for each hero, down from 15%.
  • Increased the overall capsule drop rate.
  • Final horde waves accompanying Captains are now ~50% smaller.
  • Added combat text when your hero is afflicted with control removing status effects – terrified, stunned, suppressed, slow, rooted, and taunted.


  • Weapons can now drop with the Spite, Disdain and Contempt suffixes (crit/crit damage %).
  • Weapons will no longer drop with the Durability, Persistence, and Virality suffixes (+ AoE duration %) or the Expansion, Augmentation or Manipulations suffixes (+ AoE radius %). Both of those stats will still appear on special items.
  • Weapons can now drop with the Potency, Swiftness, Alacrity and Precision (attack speed) suffixes.
  • Added new models for weapons found in Apocalypse, with one version for in-level drops and one version for special items.
  • Attack speed items now provide slightly less attack speed. In some cases, they’ve gained other stats to compensate.
  • Suffixes like Benevolence now have more Pet Health % and less of their other stat.
  • Suffixes like Expansion now have more AoE Radius % and less of their other stat.


  • You can now matchmake into 2v2 matches without a party.
  • Completing a 2v2 match will now grant DNA rewards (with the exception of custom games).
  • Matchmaking has been disabled for 1v1 matches. You can still play 1v1 through custom games.
  • Reworked the PvP scaling formulas. Items are now scaled individually (as if they had been found on 6-4) regardless of the other items equipped on the hero.
  • Adjusted PvP camera so that players can see a roughly equal distance in all directions.
  • Pets in PvP now have team circles.
  • Arena radar no longer shows enemies.
  • Increased arena hero boundaries so that heroes won’t bunch up as closely.
  • Arena global cooldown now 1 second up from 0.5 seconds.
  • Heroes now receive a flat 1500 health boost in PvP, instead of a multiplier.
  • Power in PvP now correctly regenerates to 50% of maximum for inactive heroes.


  • Mutation agents will be interrupted from mutating Darkspore when they die.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spiky elite affix wasn’t scaling properly based on difficulty mode.
  • Acid Shell enemies are now immune to debuffs, knockbacks, and pulls while in their shells.
  • Grappling Pulsars will no longer try to pull the player from outside of their range.
  • Fixed a bug where Grappling Pulsars could move while attempting to pull the hero.
  • Reduced the damage of Grappling Pulsars slightly.
  • Grappling Pulsars can’t attack quite as often in Invasion and Apocalypse.
  • Reduced the projectile speed of the Grappling Pulsar pull beams.
  • Fixed a bug where Nashira’s Shadow Lob was traveling too quickly when the player was close to her.
  • Reduced the damage and health bonus for elite lieutenants.
  • Reduced the attack range of Fragbots.
  • Reduced the damage of Undermind’s burn debuff in Invasion and Apocalypse.
  • Reduced Spiky damage return percentages to 20/40/60%.
  • Fire thorns no longer return a percentage of the damage dealt, but instead just deal a flat amount of damage for each melee attack received. (Regular thorns is still percentage based.)
  • Reduced the health bonus for elite minions.
  • Reduced enemy damage scaling at all threat levels.
  • Increased enemy health scaling slightly in Apocalypse mode.



  • Lifeforce Siphon will no longer return health if the enemy does not take damage.
  • Increased the base movement speed of some player pets.
  • Variants no longer have separate cooldowns for their squad abilities when using multiple variants of the same hero in a squad.
  • Added text to the tooltips of pet abilities to clarify that their stats are based on the stats of their owner, and also to clarify that some pets get an increased benefit from a certain stat.
  • Increased ability damage scaling (they now deal 100% more damage for every 20 points of the hero’s primary stat rather than every 25 points).
  • Hero weapon damage scaling has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where heroes were able to move while using Strangling Briars or Celestial Comet.
  • Fixed a bug where using Temporal Siphon or Sporogenesis wouldn’t break stealth.
  • The damage of Darkspore DoTs that have been swapped by Syndrome Shift and Darkspore projectiles that have been bounced by Repulsion Sphere will now be properly increased by the hero’s primary stat.
  • Stacking multiple Time Bubbles no longer stops enemies and projectiles completely.


  • Reduced the effective radius of Gravity Storm to match it up more closely with the visual effect.
  • Enemies will now be immune to Gravity Storm for a period of time after the third application.


  • Plasma Wreath provides a 100% boost to Resist Rating in PvE again, but still only 50% in PvP.


  • Replaced Plasma Spray with Fiery Eruption, a targeted area effect ability that deals heavy upfront damage and then further damage over time in the area, as well as reducing healing for affected enemies.
  • Elemental Guardian will now correctly despawn when the buff that controls him expires.
  • Elemental Guardian now correctly costs half power to enrage the pet after it is summoned.
  • Elemental Guardian will now work correctly if used just after the current pet dies.
  • Elemental Guardian now gets bonus Resist Rating instead of bonus Crit Rating.
  • Added new text for the buff that shows up when you have a Elemental Guardian.


  • Multiple applications of Curse of Weakness no longer stack (they just refresh the duration instead).


  • Passive now works as described and stuns all struck targets, not just the first damaged.
  • Passive counter now syncs with the stun correctly.


  • Resonance now benefits from buffs to Dodge and Resist, such as Blitz’s Plasma Wreath.
  • Resonance’s tooltip now shows the calculated damage boost given your current Dodge and Resist ratings.


  • Unpredictability provides a 100% boost to Dodge Rating again.


  • Fix for Meditron sometimes dying after stealing the grow buff of Protoplasms.


  • Star Blaster will no longer attempt to shoot from further away than its maximum range.
  • Increased the power cost and cooldown of Chrono Flux.
  • Chrono Flux now reduces cooldowns by 33%, down from 50%.
  • Chrono Flux damage has been increased significantly.


  • Multiple applications of Crippling Shot no longer stack (they just refresh the duration instead).


  • Tree of Life explosion now heals Sage and his allies even if you switch.


  • Increased the health of Savage Ally.
  • Savage’s pet ability now correctly costs half power to enrage the pet after it is summoned.
  • Increased the minimum damage of Savage weapons.


  • Removed some text from the Attractor Bomb tooltip that erroneously stated that it only has 30 health.


  • Flak Cannon now correctly deals physical damage instead of energy.


  • Increased Titan’s base attack speed.
  • Increased the effectiveness of Absorption Shield in PvE.


  • Weapons now display the total damage dealt by the poison rather than the per tick damage.
  • Re-wrote the Toxic Spores description to more accurately describe how it works.
  • Increased the effective size of the pools spawned by Toxic Spores to better line up with the visuals.
  • Fixed a bug where Tork Gamma and Tork Delta displayed incorrect damage for Toxic Spores when no weapon was equipped.
  • Pools from Toxic Spores now fade out instead of instantly disappearing.
  • Toxic Spores no longer poisons allies after switching.
  • Enemies will now be immune to sleep for a period of time after the third application of Sleeping Cloud.


  • Increased the damage of Plasma Column in PvE
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