Awhile back, Darkspore producer Mike Perry stated in a past interview that if there was enough demand for it, Darkspore could possibly be ported over to current-gen consoles.  Will this still be the case?  There is really no telling – I’m not entirely sure how well the game is performing in terms of sales on PC version.

In the following Joystiq article, a twitter user by the name of Superannuation spotted a mention in level designer Jordan Patz’ resume that stated he “worked with Maxis to modify Darkspore for release on Xbox/PS3.” Problem is, that resume now points to a youtube url address which displays the famous Nyan Cat song.  So either Jordan Patz caught on real quick and edited his resume to point to that, or this is just a big spoof.  If this is indeed true, it will be handled by Naked Sky Entertainment, the same company that did Microbot.

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