A HUGE Game Update has been released for The Sims 4 ahead of the release of the High School Years expansion pack.

You can now download this for your game on PC, Mac and Consoles!

Some of the most exciting features that are now available in The Sims 4 include:

  • Wants & Fears
  • Curved Walls!
  • Phone Updates
  • Body Hair
  • Sexual Orientation

There’s of course plenty of bug fixes bundled into the mix too, as well as more features, which should provide plenty of fun ahead of the upcoming expansion.

Read the official blog notes below to learn more in detail!

Update 07/26/2022

Let’s take a moment and look at what is coming to everyone as part of today’s Base Game Update!

The Phone has gone through a bit of an OS update to a sleek, new interface. All of the previous functionality still is there and customizing the background and case color options for each Sims’ phone is easier than ever.

Body Hair is here and no lycanthropy is required. You will find a selection of arm, leg, torso, and back hair now available for all of your teen Sims and older. Find these new options in the Body section of Create a Sim. Proudly show off those distinct mammalian features.

Create a Sim now offers more options to support the Sexual Orientation of the Sims. Located in the “More Details” section of “Customize Gender,” you can now select the gender identities a Sim is romantically attracted to, whether the Sim is exploring romantically, and the type of Sim they are interested in WooHoo or Messing Around with if they are even interested in Woohoo or Messing Around.

If you do not change these settings, your Sim will maintain the default orientation settings known to The Sims, meaning they’ll have no inherent attraction to a specific gender, their attraction can shift through gameplay, and they will WooHoo or Mess Around with any gender. Check out SimGuruJessica’s deep dive blog about this system to learn the specifics on how each of these options affect the gameplay.

Are you ready to tackle your Sim’s Wants & Fears? This base game update replaces whims and includes a large selection of Wants that your Sims will want to achieve or Fears they want to overcome. This feature is on by default and you can toggle them off in the “Gameplay” options menu.

Builders who feel limited by sharp 90° corners can round out their creativity with this update: Curved Walls are coming to your collection of Build tools!  Place and adjust medium, large, and extra large curved rooms. Builders who are familiar with curved decks, fences, and platforms will find familiar controls for these new walls. Some doors and windows fit better than others, so to find the ones that do work well on these walls, use the new “Supports All Curved Walls” and “Supports Large and X-Large Curved Walls” filters within Build Mode.

A sim with body hair and wearing boxer shorts