The idea of a Sims movie is something that has been rumoured for many years. Back in the late 2000s, there were whispers that a Sims and a Spore movie were being explored. Whilst neither of them materialised, it seems the dream didn’t die.

Margot Robbie, who was behind the Barbie film in 2023, is set to be producing a live action Sims movie. This is set to be directed by Kate Herron who directed the first season of Loki, a story in the Marvel universe. Electronic Arts are to be involved in a creative capacity as well.

The big question remains as to what a Sims movie would actually look like – after all, The Sims is a simulation game where the player is in full control of everything.

But The Sims games do have a lot of lore and stories such as the disappearance of Bella Goth, as well as other iconic characters including the likes of Don Lothario or Bob & Bettie Newbie.

Whilst information is scarce of what this could actually end up being, I am just hoping that we get a scene where the pool ladder disappears.