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Some of us look back on High School (or equivalent depending on which country you’re based in) as a positive time where you got to live your best life, experience life events like prom and make life-long friends. For others, well, it may have been a less than joyous experience.

Regardless of your past experiences, one thing that Sims fans have been wanting for many years now has been the ability to follow your Sims to school. Sure, in The Sims 3 you could see the rabbit hole exterior, but you never got to see what was actually happening.

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack finally allows you to follow your teenage Sims to High School. You can experience a high school lot, classrooms, after-school activities, proms, pranks, and much more. The question is whether its worth your money and if it adds enough content to the game for an expansion pack, which we’ll be exploring throughout this review.

I was struggling to put pen to paper with this, hence the delay with getting it out. Perhaps it was a bit of a writers block, which isn’t a great thing when you run a blog, but it does pave way for more creative methods of conveying my thoughts!

With that inspired moodlet in mind, I decided to record a video review for The Sims 4 High School Years so I can share the things I like, some of the neat new features, and areas that I feel could have been a lot better in the pack.

Overall, the expansion pack is fine but I just can’t help feel there was opportunity for it to be amazing that was missed. Watch the review / ramblings below and I’d love to hear your thoughts!