In a sudden announcement from The Sims Mobile team, it has been confirmed that the game will not be receiving any new events in updates going forward. This means that whilst the game is not closing, it will be entering a period whereby no new significant content will be released beyond new levels and items.

Beginning on January 29, 2024, The Sims Mobile will no longer receive new events in our updates. Game updates will be focused on some of our most cherished, fan-favorite and exciting Festivals returning from the past, often with the ability to unlock new levels and brand new items.

Past fan-favorite events will also be rerun, however no new events will be added to the game. This shift in content releases will allow for players to revisit and rediscover the very best of The Sims Mobile all over again.

In some ways this is not unexpected with the state of the game for so long, which myself and Rachybop often talk about on our podcast.

The Sims Mobile initially soft launched in Brazil back in 2017 and looked very different than it does today. Styled in a way to bring The Sims 4 look and feel to mobile, it promised exciting generational gameplay. In fact, this was one of the games I was able to try and help influence as part of the EA GameChanger program so it holds a soft spot in my heart.

However, in recent years, the game has changed hands from Maxis to FireMonkeys to other various internal studios. It has sadly felt that any new features caused the game to break and nothing significant has been added for a long time.

For Mobile fans, The Sims FreePlay is still active and performing well with great updates. It’s funny to look back and think Mobile had the potential to surpass this game, but ultimately the best one has come out on top. You can, of course, continue to play Mobile and enjoy that experience.

As with all EA online titles, games can be retired with 30 days notice, so I would be cautious if you are planning to spend significant amounts of money in the coming months should EA decide the project is no longer profitable.

Source: The Sims website