A well-known modder in The Sims community, Arnie (@TheSims_Plus) has released a trailer for an upcoming mod pack called The Sims 4 Farmland!

This mod brings the theme of farming into The Sims 4 and contains a semi-open world, animals (Such as horses!), gameplay and even a story mode – according to the description.

Whilst this may be a mod, the trailer thoroughly impressed me as has some of the other work I’ve seen by Arnie, so I couldn’t resist sharing it all with you. Many members of the community are really hoping that we will get the theme of farming in the next expansion pack, so could this be the perfect combination?!

The mod is entering early access for Arnie’s Patreon subscribers later in June, followed by a public release two weeks after. Want to learn more? Check out Arnie’s website!

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