One more interview with EA producer Graham Nardone, conducted by StrategyInformer:

Strategy Informer: There’s been a lot more information about the younger life stages than there has been about the older ones. Can you expand more about what’s new in the young adult, adult and old stages?

Graham Nardone: Well young adults can go on dates now, and it’s really fantastic. On all my dates I like to take my sims down to the beach, and we’ll have a picnic basket and then they’ll start gazing up at the stars. And then of course there’s the mid-life crises – what’s really great about that is that it gives the player the ability to explore content they may have missed because the sims will really start to reflect on their life and what they’ve done, and if there’s something you haven’t been involved with yet the game will push you to get involved and it’s very rewarding for the player as well – the player will come out of that with a load of life-time accomplishments and will be able to purchase some of the great stuff there.

Then as you move into being older, it’s more about reminiscing about what you’ve done and the experiences you’ve had, and not only can you seen them hobbling around on their cane which is really funny, but they’re also very proud about what they’ve done and what they’ve left behind. So you may see them open the wallet and pictures of the grandkids will spill out, and they’ll also talk about the good old days. They also get kind of cranky and don’t like being around kids too much so you’ll see them waving their cane and stuff.

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