Not a bad interview, thanks for sharing, Snootysims.

GZ: The imaginary friend is definitely Generations’ stand-out feature, in our opinion. Will players be able to make their own, is there only one template?

GN: No, the imaginary friend is personal for each sim that has one. They have different patchworks and colours that they appear in and what’s really cool about them is the ability to bring them to life and make them real sims. If you really love the imaginary friend it can become real and if it isn’t as important to you as a player or for your sim, they might just turn back into a doll again.

GZ: How does it work with regards to age? Do they disappear after a certain life segment or can you be a thirty year old man suffering a mid-life crisis who’s still able to hang out with his imaginary friend?

GN: Yeah you can still have your imaginary friend later in life. You might turn them real, but you certainly don’t have to. You might have an insane sim, maybe you give them a trait and they are a little off the wall; an imaginary friend makes a lot of sense for them.

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