We posted their interview earlier today, but I missed StrategyInformer’s actual preview on Generations – thanks to SimsVIP for notifying me of that!

At the young adult and adult stage, the general focus is ‘relationships’. Dating is added in for the first time this generation, adding that extra layer to the game. In addition to this, there’s new celebrations in the form of Stag and Hen nights, as well as better wedding ceremonies, and adults can now take home-videos using the video camera. Entering into home-video mode propels you into a first person perspective, with which you can control your sim with the old school WASD keys in order to capture the footage. Once taken, these videos can then be watched on the sim’s own tellies. This feature forms part of the wider ‘Memories’ system that was also in The Sims 2, although that’s more about snapshot photos and scrapbooks.

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