Five years ago, on the 25th March 2011, The Sims Medieval was released in the UK.

It was five years ago that players became “The Watcher”, the fictional figure of worshop within the game, and took control of their kingdom. From reigning over the world as the Monarch, to casting spells as a wizard, or going undercover as a Spy, the game truly embraced Medieval life and brought some unique gameplay additions to The Sims franchise.


On it’s fifth anniversary, we remember the fun the game, alongside the Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack, brought us. It is one of my favourite Sims spin-offs as it had a beautiful world, enjoyable quests and an awesome soundtrack.

Do you remember what the name of your first Kingdom was? Do you still play The Sims Medieval? Would you like to see a sequel or another time-period spin-off?


On that note, we will leave you with The Sims Medieval trailer.

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