Atomic Space Command, the latest game by Ocean Quigley (SimCity Creative Director), has received a new game update!

Featuring a new “build out” system, the game update gives you the ability to choose from different chassis, add different parts, and customise!

– Added load-out system
– Added ability to save ship manifests and load them from the database
– Added new Items: Skewer, Tractor Beam, Life Support
– Re-activated Bloom and Atmospheric effects that were busted in previous versions of Unity
– Tweaked Multiplayer Transforms due to broken RTT issues in latester version of Unity
– Switched weapon movement to deterministic networking model
– Added What’s New screen (dismisses forever when you click the ‘Got it’ button)
– We’re trying out a new helm control scheme. Please give us feedback on how you like it!

Check out Atomic Space Command here, or listen to our interview with Ocean Quigley here!

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