Check out the patch notes below and update your game via. Origin for the new Easter content!

First off, let’s talk about the new stuff. It’s Spring, and there is a Spring Challenge!

Jasmine Holiday, our new Challenge Coordinator, is waiting for you at the community gardens found in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. And she is looking for your help in gathering growfruit… turns out she needs a lot.

Bring her 20 growfruit and she’ll give you a new planter. Bring her a perfect growfruit, and she’ll give you the bedazzled planter. Jasmine also has a limited supply of super fertilizer that she is willing to share with you to help you grow that perfect growfruit.

We’ve also added back the Egg Challenge from last year. Now with 2 new eggs added to the mix. Gather all 12 from around the world to unlock a stuffed bunny!

  • For those that unlocked the stuffed bunny last year – it’s still there along with the new bunny look added to its color options!

Ok, so the couple of questions that may come to mind (or did already get asked), that I can help address here.

  • Will Jasmine remain after the challenge?
    • Jasmine is just around for the challenge, she is our Challenge Coordinator and is very busy.
  • Will she be back?
    • I’m glad you asked that…

Other questions that may come up…

  • What about the eggs and the growfruit, will they stay around?
    • We will not be removing anything you have found, but like last time, the eggs will no longer be scattered about for you to find.
    • The growfruit will still grow on your trees, can be planted, and harvested… however with Jasmine departing, you will not be able to buy new seeds.

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