Island Paradise comes with some great things for adults in Create A Sim (sorry, I didn’t check for anything younger & older). This will allow you to have your Sims dress up in a large variety of things. There are plenty of hairstyles and clothing for men and women!


So you can see what is in Create A Sim with Island Paradise, I’ve created two galleries below full of the new hairstyles and clothing options for adult men and women! There are also new tattoos, but I didn’t play around with them for long I’m afraid.

Create A Sim Content for Men

Create A Sim Content for Women


  1. These are so amazing!!! I Really love that female hairstyle (The one used with all the clothing items!!) Omg I definitely have to buy this expansion Pack!! I was already considering it, but the clothes and hair are just so pretty! 🙂 Thanks BeyondSims you do so much and I want you to be happy!! You do so well!! 🙂

  2. WOW it looks amazing! There are so many new clothes and hairstyles, and they all look awesome! I can’t wait for this EP to come out !

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