This is the last preview for today, but don’t worry – we still have more to show you about Island Paradise! And that preview is the world, Isla Paradiso. In our first preview we shown you the description for the world, but in this post we’re going to show you a few images and of course a quick video.

Isla Paradiso is perfect for tropical getaways! It’s full of resorts and plenty of water for houseboats, you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild with those. Another plus is that this is the only world where you can go under the water looking for fish, treasure and mermaids (more on mermaids later). The reason for this (as answered by Graham in the Skype interview) is that older worlds simply do not have water that is deep enough to go underwater, so Isla Paradiso is the only place you can do this. This is also the only world that will have uncharted islands. Why? Because you can’t create them in Create A World… but Graham wouldn’t be surprised if a talented modder worked out how to *hint hint* 😉

Check out some of the pictures we took of the new world, Isla Paradiso below:

You can see  from all of these images just how wonderful the world looks and how much detail has been put in by the expansion team. This is easily my second favourite world with Sunset Valley at #1, but it makes that world look dull. You’ll find yourself using the all-new moving feature to take your family to this new world. YES! You can now move to a different world and it records the age of your sims, the season you were in and other various things, for the price of 20,000 simoleons (motherlode comes to mind). Whether you use this to get to Isla Paradiso, or to move away from the world, it’s a fab new feature and it’ll be arriving in the patch before the game is released.

But why would you want to leave a world like this:

That’s right, you wont! Isla Paradiso looks too good and is the perfect world for telling any story with your Sims game. Now, let’s talk a little bit about going under the water (cue Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid!). I will admit, I didn’t get to try this too much as our computers were struggling to play the game underwater, but it looks amazing. That’s the only word I can think of. It’s so colourful and something new for The Sims all together. You can go to different dive lots as you work on your Scuba Diving skills, the higher the skill the better the place you can visit! You can be attacked by sharks, catch fish, see cave monsters and find uncharted islands by exploring underwater caves.

I am certain that you’ll be amazed when you first go underwater with your Sims. While it would be nice to do this in other worlds, Isla Paradiso will be a great place to do this as it becomes your new home in The Sims 3 Island Paradise.