Winter Info!

Where can you have woohoo? Are there any new places?
Yes, try some in an igloo in the winter and in the large pile of leaves in the fall.

Is there weather and seasons in all the worlds?
Fast. All official worlds from the store, the expansion packs, and even custom worlds / neighborhoods support weather / seasons. The exceptions are the destinations of the expansion pack “World Adventures”. There is no weather and no seasons.

Why are there no Christmas?
For this answer, we had to dig deeper detail the developers. The reason is that The Sims 3 appears in many countries and on all continents. Not all players are of course Christians and celebrate Christmas and other Christian festivals. So it has value on other features and use the available development time for it. Although there is an activity in which you exchange gifts and an egg hunt. Christmas and Easter, but this is not. Each player in the world can this then play the way he wants.


Source: SimsVIP