Hey CatLoverPlayer, I bet you’ll like one of the pics below. 😉

All Sims love making snow angels, but daredevils will take it a step further by trying to make one face-first. Sims also love building snowmen together and decorating their yards with frosty friends. There are lots of different types of snowmen to discover as well, ranging from a hockey goalie to the tragic clown snowman, an alien snowman and many more! As your Sims discover new snowmen types, they’ll be able to select which one they want to build in the future. A word of warning though… building snowmen might attract s-GNOME-man Bittertotter, a cranky old gnome with three lumps of coal who had a tough life growing up in Strangetown. Perhaps you can show him how to have fun by building an igloo! Sims put them together brick by brick, and once complete they are great places to not only play inside or catch some Zzzzs, but also to heat up any winter night with a quick WooHoo in the igloo!


Source: SimCookie