iSims Previews Winter

Although I winter in real life not really like it, I must say that it was in the game my favorite season! I never thought that this is all the Producers is cooked to perfection! When winter begins, it gets cold first – late fall. All the leaves fall from the trees and the Sims start to dress in thick. After that time has come. As in real life is often the case, the first snow falls during the night. The morning after the Sims then look out the window and wonder why the country is so white! The snow is falling in sections, until it is just a small layer on the bottom, and over time it becomes more and more. It looks really nice, as the snow appears liquid on the floor. Not so the second as with The Sims As for the roads when it snowed for a while, the roads are covered with snow! The winter we could not discover, however 🙂