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AnsjJ2: Could you talk more about Electronic Arts?

Anita: EA is one of the largest publishers and developers of games for the PC, consoles and mobile devices, the latter is now also a gaming platform has become very important. We were founded in 1982 and have more than eight thousand employees. The studios, where the games are made, are found in LA, Vancouver, England, Sweden and Australia.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we are responsible for local sales, marketing and CRM activities of our games. We make sure the games in the shops and that our customers are aware of the products we release. In addition, we contact our customers to inquire about their experiences, needs and problems.

AnsjJ2: What kind of training do you have to follow your current job?

Anita: It’s actually pretty funny. I always wanted to be a programmer, because my father was, and that I look very against it. But I also wanted to do something with people. So I did a training with business, communication and ICT met. Within this training was important to have a bridge between on the one hand, the technical programmers and on the other hand, customers who do not always have the right knowledge of technical issues but needed an IT solution.