There’s one thing that I have to disagree with them on.

Having sold tens of millions of copies over the years, The Sims franchise has long been a significant player in the video game world. Drawing from the success of its predecessor, The Sims 3 created an even more immersive world expanded upon with countless additions and expansion packs. The Sims Facebook game has taken social gaming by storm. But after two years The Sims core franchise could use an update, featuring bold new ideas.

Here are five ways EA should seek to bring some pizazz to The Sims.

EA would have to be crazy to omit a compelling online and social component to The Sims 4. Its previous attempt, The Sims Online, was an overwhelming disappointment that was ultimately unable to compete with Second Life (It didn’t help that the game was dull). However, that was in another era. Being able to build upon recent Sims games’ success could make for a meaningful MMO with features not offered by competitors.