There’s one thing that I have to disagree with them on.

Having sold tens of millions of copies over the years, The Sims franchise has long been a significant player in the video game world. Drawing from the success of its predecessor, The Sims 3 created an even more immersive world expanded upon with countless additions and expansion packs. The Sims Facebook game has taken social gaming by storm. But after two years The Sims core franchise could use an update, featuring bold new ideas.

Here are five ways EA should seek to bring some pizazz to The Sims.

EA would have to be crazy to omit a compelling online and social component to The Sims 4. Its previous attempt, The Sims Online, was an overwhelming disappointment that was ultimately unable to compete with Second Life (It didn’t help that the game was dull). However, that was in another era. Being able to build upon recent Sims games’ success could make for a meaningful MMO with features not offered by competitors.


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Not really a fan of making The Sims 4 online…unless it is optional and very well done. I could see it being fun playing in a city with friends…kind of like The Sims Online but much better…but it just has to be done right.

Also, not a fan of the RPG idea….the other 3 sound good though!


Not a big fan of any of those ideas apart from bigger locations and a whole new look.


Not a fan at all of any of those ideas.


I hate the idea of forcing online into every game these days let alone the sims but if its secondary it can work I guess.

Overall all of these ideas were pretty terrible expect bigger cities as what we currently have are more large towns than worlds imo. I would love if the worlds got to the point where 2 whole towns of sims could go a few generations with out crossing paths.

I also hope EA finds a way to make our computers work smarter not harder to accomplish this cause running large towns can be a pain thanks to the terrible routing lag that plague Sims 3 worlds.

jesse james

Do the words…”if i wanted an online game, I’d go play one” mean nothing. Most simmers arent into that, not the core fanbase anyway… does no one get alot of players are agoraphobic hermits with avpd? (I’m being extreme here) and the game’s biggest draws are escapism & wish fullfilment? and to some extent the archtechual (it’s 3:43 am here, spelling is not within my grasp right now) software aspect. I hate how they are wanting to funnel this game into social/MMO type pigeon-holes just to make money or keep up with trends, that are old and ppl start looking for the next big thing instead of slowing down and appriciating what’s available to them.


Not interested in ANYTHING THAT CAME OUT FROM EA. They cant even handle Sims 3 properly! Why make Sims 4 for an even worse disgrace to it?

BTW, unless EA is an idiot, they SHOULD BE NOTICING,offline game makes MORE money than online game, dummy. Why? Offline allows ALL country to buy the game. Online? Yeah right, my Malaysia line SUCKS, so why should I pay to play an unable to play due to over lagness(and horrible bugs) game?


This is sad…Anyone that read it in IGN should check it’s comment. I’ve seen NONE about compliment about it. PM me if you see one.


Almost all those ideas are horrible! The Sims 3 hasn’t got the atmosphere yet like The Sims 2 and even The Sims games have. I suppose that firstly EA needs to get back Maxis or at least basic Maxis ideas directed by Will Wright.


One important thing EA needs to bring back is the Sims feeling. Sims 3 lacks of ‘Sims’ feeling IMO. I really hope EA brings back something like The Sims Online. That game was wonderful. Online would be great, but I don’t like the idea of paying too much for that.

Renan O

One of the biggest crappyt ideia that EA had in this generation is The Sims Store. So now, we have almost empty EPs.

Another thing, they’ve sacrificed alot of the game aspects in order to achieve a new target public.

They should get back to basics. They should make real EP remakes and stop those nasty-ass “revolutionary” ideias they’re having.

Bring back the oldschool.


We wouldn’t be remotely interested in playing The Sims as an online game.

Also, the IGN article is basically saying:

“EA should change everything about The Sims” which is crazy! The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 have all been massive hits BECAUSE they follow a formula that works. To change that now would be madness.

If IGN want Online features, a more story lead gameplay and completely new graphics then they should go buy a different game, not demand that The Sims be changed to suit them!


Renan O:

One of the biggest crappyt ideia that EA had in this generation is The Sims Store. So now, we have almost empty EPs.
Another thing, they’ve sacrificed alot of the game aspects in order to achieve a new target public.
They should get back to basics. They should make real EP remakes and stop those nasty-ass “revolutionary” ideias they’re having.
Bring back the oldschool.

I agree, even a gamer like me who have never played/touched Sims 2 knows that. Ever since Sims Store came out, I don’t think I ever saw Sims famous in my country.


ADD:EA…some how they failed really quite bad, I wonder if they replaced the old buisness satisticians.(I don’t know if it spells like that or not) I think they failed worse is….The Sims Store NEEDS simpoints, I cant buy simpoints in my country! So? What did they earn? What stupid of target is they planned?

and sorry for dp(accident click on submit -.-


This is interesting, why not call it The Sims MEGA FLOP instead? The current game already has a serious amount of flop bacteria infesting it, Pets came out in October and there’s still no patch to fix most of the game in general…

1.In terms of being online I will only have it if it is player controllable to the max. 2. In terms of story, they’re thinking about changing/adding more of that in future EPs (space, post-apocalyptic, fantasy world…). 3. A new look? Perhaps changing a bit on the logo, which has sold more than enough through the years for someone to live off of it for more years (or leech off of it, in the case of EA) and sincerely we know that most of the community plays the game on very low-end, 2005-06 (maybe 07), top of the line computers. Those are the money wasters that make the franchise go up and lets not forget the ravaging cyber-moms always ready to complaint. 4. Why the hell do they want to make The Sims an action game? Why compare it to GTA? 5. Yes. They should have expand the features in the rabbit-holes in the first and second EPs. More branched carrers would be nice.


I actually don’t like the stories they put in The Sims 3 games. I enjoy making nice homes with nice furniture and families. A little storyline is OK.


yeah….where is the November patch like last year?!

Ah The Sims…hard to replace it from other company….yet need a LOT of variety for players to play.

Conclusion: EA failed to follow our sandbox road.


@ orangecake, I still play TS1 and it is still a great game, I enjoy the polygonal funny non-expressive faces and the sounds it all makes. Most of all I enjoy the originality and thought put into it, makes it perfect! It’s been a tough path, I’m sure they’ll wake up eventually and put the people first… Also we’re practically in December, it’s gonna be a Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa patch and it better fix most of the game!


I want online play back, at least a side feature. The Sims Online was brilliant as Maxis put new life back into it as EA-Land, just it didnt make as much money as EA wanted fast enough.


I like their ideas, all of them.

jesse james

I miss Maxis before it was absorbed into the souless vacuum of big business entirely. They had an amazing crative team with entertaining & original ideas that wasn’t half a$$ed fan service catering to the wrong set of fans. Why did Will Wright sell his game to them entirely? why?!…Maxis knew its fans/players buttered its bread, EA is a mogul…losing fans won’t hurt them & they can just churn out crappy low end product after product and someone into flash & gimmicry will buy it up. They prey on the young & nieve. Sorry, ranting…it’s just frustrating to see something so obvious and not be accounted for.

zarek roberts

if the online works good it will be fun