Thanks to one of our readers/users, the original source of the video has been found. It’s NOT by EA and this is NOT Sims 4. Most likely a small Sims site edited it to make it look legit in order to draw users to their site… that is super lame! Click HERE to see the real vid.

Update: EA did in fact have the YouTube video removed – hence that this could possibly indeed be a demo reel of some sorts showcasing what they have so far of The Sims 4. They wouldn’t bother to take down a fake trailer…so question is, who within EA is leaking these videos (Generations, early Pets trailer, ShowTime, and now this…)

So we was tweeted this, a fake work-in-progress video for The Sims 4. It’s not real? It is fake? Who’s that Pokemon? Only one way to find out. If EA removes it… you know what that means.

Source: The Sims Live Group


  1. Theblackscorpion,

    I have a feeling its fake. For one thing, Maxis doesn’t have anything to do with the Sims anymore. Only the EA logo even appears on the boxes now.

    However, if that is the Sims 4, its kind of early, even for an unintentionally leaked trailer. Even if it is pulled through, I don’t think that will prove its real, because we won’t know who pulled it, and if it does get pulled for copy right reasons, it might have nothing to do with EA.

  2. Theblackscorpion,

    I must tell you one thing though, if that is real, than it looks like the Sims four is going to be a Amazing, since all the objects look so impressive. I’d also like to have our base game neighborhood be a big city instead of the suburbs. That would be different, and then we’d get to build cities from the start. One thing about it that does look bad, is this. All the images of Sims in the game, if this really is a trailer of the Sims 4, are really blurry, so I can’t see any of their faces. However, that’s another reason to think this might be a hoax. Making really realistic looking people can be hard, and they’d have to make them look at least as good as they do in the Sims 3, probably better, in order to make it believable.

  3. Kjjnesb:

    I noticed at the top left at the start it says Maxis presents.

    I noticed that too, and like I said, its a good reason to think that its fake. Whoever, made this, may not have been aware that Maxis has nothing to do with the Sims anymore.

  4. I think this is fake because even if it’s a concept trailer it starts with the presented by maxis at one point you can see a bmw and usually in game they have knock off vehicles.

    But biggest of all SIm 2 came out in 2004 3 came out in 09 if you think about it the Sims 3 has barley been out 2 to 3 yrs even though EA is likely is working on Sims 4 it makes no sense finically to under cut Sims 3 and it future expansion like that.

    Also if that’s the visual quality they are shooting for affordable PC’s of that quality may not be the norm for sometime few would be able to play it.

  5. To me it looks like footage from an advertisement for an apartment block, you know, to encourage perspective clients. Fake.

  6. If it is real, I’d have to say it looks amazing and actually jump from Sims 1 to 4 with all big difference. Almost all sports are included, very realistic animations and items, etc. Yeah, their faces are somehow blurred when closely or not shown closely, except their body movement. Maybe they are being hidden to be kept secret/surprised. I did notice two glitches where a woman/girl swims in the pool in the beginning, her left arm is missing while her right arm is out of the water when swimming. It looks odd when she swims. There is also a man/boy with missing legs in the background where Sims playing tennis.

    Right now, it is only one trailer under the username of TheEA4. If it is real, then we might would see more of them anytime next year or so. Yeah, Maxis appears in the trailer, maybe Maxis came back to work for Sims 4 instead EA?

    Sims 4 is in the process of being developed, etc, and this trailer might be the one or not. We’d have to wait and see.

  7. The video is no longer available, beacause… IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think EA remove the video because is just a secret video of the next Sims!!

  8. Did anyone get pictures or anything from it? The video has been taken down by copyright claim from EA. I have a good feeling this is real. They’re working on Sims 4 right now.

  9. Yeah, it is removed due to some good reason:) That was so quick! I wonder who told them about it?

    Maxis was favored by fans when creating SIms merchandises before EA took over and changed everything, and other things. It’d be nice if Maxis actually returned back to work for Sims 4:) Well, we’d have to see since the trailer was removed due to its being real or EA doesn’t want any hype among people who might think/believe it is real to spread the news or rumor.

    I actually think it looks really amazing for now since it is not 100% completed if it is actually real. 🙂 Imagine what it offers for us:)

  10. If the account of TheEA4 is still there, even though, the trailer is removed, then it is probably real. If it is not, then the account should be closed due to a hoax, etc. Will be watching that account to see what’s up and also there is a person who twitter about Sims 4 that it is in development, but it was announced last year, and that is all. Guess, they are really hectic working on it, etc.

    • We’re working on getting the video back on. Holy cow, this shocked me. Thought it was fake, but EA has no reason to remove fake videos. This HAS to be a demo reel of what they are working on then for TS4…

      But keep in mind that they still got a good 2-3 years of life left in The Sims 3…So things can change…

      I’m wondering who let the leak out…And by hosting it, if we’re going to be threatened with a takedown notice (which really would confirm it to be real if that was the case).

  11. I say this trailer is real. There must be a reason why EA would remove this video. It just doesn’t make sense. EA has a history of removing leaked videos that turn out to be the real thing like the leaked Pets video. The one thing that makes me uncertain in the title that says the Sims 4 a work in progress… It seems dumb that EA would make such an an amazing technically advanced video, but with a cheesy title screen. But boy if this video is real that would be awesome! The graphics are just superb! Did you see the apartments? I hope if we have apartments in the sims 4 it won’t be limited to a couple rooms like in the sims 2 apartment life, but you can use the whole apartment complex! Imagine a fully usable apartment complex with a swimming pool, spa, exercise room, billard room, party room, pool! Then it would be a living breathing world! Thats what I really hopes in the Sims 4 a real living world with traffic and a bustling city! Did you see the air hockey too? The pool, foosball table, bowling? Tennis, soccer. waterslide? I’d be excited if they added sports in the sims 4. In this video it seems like they added tennis as a sport since there was a real competition going on. I hope you can have crowds, a scoring system, playoffs, school teams, and a champion trophy. I hope they add other sports besides soccer and tennis like swimming, diving, water polo, basketball, baseball, football, track & field, volleyball, golf, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, cheerleading, gymnastics, lacrosse, and horseback riding in the future sims 4 expansion packs. Boy I hope this is real, because it is just amazing. I hope they add going in an out of the car interactions too, not like the unrealistic ones in the sims 3.

  12. Well, a while ago a fellow’s resume got posted that announced an “Untitled” Sims project, it said that this individual merged three large teams into one, which they could easily have renamed Maxis. Didn’t an old member of Maxis just rejoin the Sims franchise? I thought I saw a news post about it on this site, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, if this is real, I am very excited about it. It looks fantastic and the graphics are amazing. If it isn’t real, or is a different game, I want to know who did this video and what game/advertisement, they did it for. That’s some impressive work. I also looked at ViA and, imo, these graphics look much better than those.

  13. It’s pretty much impossible for it to be real. Like they’d ever make anything that looked that good and had so much included, especially in a base game.

  14. I think it’s fake. But you know, the same was with Showtime “It’s fake”, “EA wouldn’t do that”… You’re right, if they delete it, we know something, and I have to say, it would be f*awesome

  15. Damienf519:


    I have a feeling its fake. For one thing, Maxis doesn’t have anything to do with the Sims anymore. Only the EA logo even appears on the boxes now.

    However, if that is the Sims 4, its kind of early, even for an unintentionally leaked trailer. Even if it is pulled through, I don’t think that will prove its real, because we won’t know who pulled it, and if it does get pulled for copy right reasons, it might have nothing to do with EA.

    With YouTube, it would say who reported the copyright violation. Like with the uploads of the showtime concept trailer, after they were removed. The other thing, it’s not too early for them to be working on it. Production of the next-gen game for a series usually begins after the base game for the current-gen is released. 2004 GTA San Andreas was released and work began on GTA IV. Another thing is that there are too many features in this video that would come with Expansion Packs of as PC via the Sims 3/4 Store. That and the car is a BMW. 🙂

  16. Well if it is real then I’m gonna skip the last few EPs and just save my money to buy the Sims4 cause that looked freaking amazing.

  17. It’s fake. Look at the scene with the black sedan pulling up, there is English writing on the wall. If this were The Sims, the writing would be in Simlish. This looks like a trailer for some hotel / apartment game.

  18. Amazing? looks awful, it looks like a developer design program than Sims 4. Besides, by the looks of the graphics (and EA’s amazing game-making abilities) You probably gonna need to get a BRAND NEW computer (your old one won’t even have enough space to install it) and like james said, it’s gonna be expensive as hell.

    Day by day my Sims 3 love is dropping dramatically.

  19. Its weird that it says maxis but it got taken down. As other people have said maxis is not in the picture of the sims anymore. However I wish this was real but my computer would die in agony.

  20. Clearly fake. It was made in windows movie maker clearly, and all the screenshots there look like the ones id find in one of my hotel games or something.

  21. I doubt it is real too. The game probably isn’t that far along to have such detailed presentations.

    However, those graphics would be pretty amazing to have for the game…yet like simsdude1991 said, that would probably take a super computer haha.

    Still exciting stuff to see some potential for a next generation Sims 4.

  22. I think it could be real, just a concept video demo of what the sims 4. Giving the developers ideas on what to include in the new game. I’m personally hoping for sports and player control vehicles like in GTA games.

  23. Well, if it is real, it will have amazing graphics, yes. But to me, that doesen’t automatically make it an amazing game. The graphics aren’t the reason I buy games. I really hope they would focus their energy on the game play aspect of The Sims 4.

  24. But I think not all the features will come true. Remember The Sims 2 trailer? Not all the features in the trailer appear in the final game.

  25. Um, guys…if no one has bothered to notice… these so-called leaks get EA great, free advertisment. Someone or a team of someones deliberately leak this stuff to excite fans. TS3 is taking a lot of flack, So every time morale is at its lowest, there’s a leak to reel buyers back in. To peek interest, to prolong our suffering, encouraging palyers to hang in there for the next big thing… It’s all a great marketing ploy. But yes if that is a sampling of TS4, & Maxis is behind it…Bravo. Just watch out for the 60-80$ price tag sure to go with it.

  26. I think it looks awesome, and if Maxis are involved, then – OMG! All of the features look amazing, but the logo is slightly odd – if it is real – and it might be since EA pulled it – then oh my goodness!
    Apartments, Sports, Cities, Lavish Things – Hopefully some suburbs too. Looks so realistic!

  27. I myself do not think Sims 4 graphics are fake. However…features are. I mean, what the hell kind of expansion are they suppose to give if they already gave you pool table, cars, apartments, restautants, supermall?

  28. The reason it was removed was most likely because of how they used the song, the Maxis label, the Sims label… It’s obviously fake.

  29. Seems to be a fake. Logo is WAY off. “Sims” look like humans intentionally blurred. Environments are too high quality. And what computer owned by the average consumer can run something like that? Plus no Sims status bars and whatnot at the bottom.

  30. LOL!!! I can’t belive that some people actually fell for it. The logo screams fake, and all this amazing 3D follows…I mean it’s so easy to tell…Maxis+crappy logo+amzing 3D= FAKE with big fat letters…
    And who on earth whould just take the time to take a few 3D hotel adds and edit them just to fool simmers? Doesn’t that individual have anything better to do?
    And of course EA would take it down…It’s their plumbob on someone elses 3D work! And what if the people who actually created that 3D claimed that EA themselfs edited their videos to advertise their future game? EA wouldn’t want a lawsuit because an idiot decided to fool around

  31. I wish that someone from ea would just come out and say it’s not theirs. Just to get the people who still think it’s real to know it’s not


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