Thanks to one of our readers/users, the original source of the video has been found. It’s NOT by EA and this is NOT Sims 4. Most likely a small Sims site edited it to make it look legit in order to draw users to their site… that is super lame! Click HERE to see the real vid.

Leaked Video of Sims 4?Update: EA did in fact have the YouTube video removed – hence that this could possibly indeed be a demo reel of some sorts showcasing what they have so far of The Sims 4. They wouldn’t bother to take down a fake trailer…so question is, who within EA is leaking these videos (Generations, early Pets trailer, ShowTime, and now this…)

So we was tweeted this, a fake work-in-progress video for The Sims 4. It’s not real? It is fake? Who’s that Pokemon? Only one way to find out. If EA removes it… you know what that means.

Source: The Sims Live Group