Here’s another Q&A with the three producers of Pets! This time it’s by our friends at SimTimes.

SimTimes: The pets can also interact with all objects, even in the other add-ons, or does this only for certain objects?

Ryan: The pets can interact with various objects from every expansion pack. However, it is also dependent on the particular pet, what objects are available for interaction. Horses are able to interact with other objects such as cats.

SimTimes: Sticking to the topic Interactions: What special things can make our Sims and their pets?

Ryan: Your Sims can do many things with their pets. They can teach her tricks and play with them. With dogs you can walk on a leash walk. An animation is particularly sweet: If you have a Sim who plays guitar, is joined by your dog like to sing to it and barking.

JoAnna: this is particularly sweet, because you can give your dog different voices. A dog with a deep voice sings differently than a dog with a very high voice.