The Sims Hub and A Pets Producer Q&A


Here’s another producer Q&A, this time by The Sims Hub!

C: Let’s start off with the unicorn. The unicorn looks really interesting and new for the franchise. What can we expect from it? Who’s idea was it initially?

R: We’re actually going to be doing a live demo during the digital town hall event and show off the unicorns and the really cool stuff!

C: Can you teach a parrot or any other type of bird to talk?

R: You can. That’s actually another thing we’re going to be showing off during the event.

J: (Laughs)

R: There’s a whole assortment of different birds with really cool interactions you can have with them.

C: How can Sims and pets interact with wild animals such as deer? And when is the best time to see wild animals in the world?

R: They come by quite a bit. One of the things that stands out to me is the raccoon that comes into the yard and tips over the garbage. Depending on the traits, if you have a dog with the aggressive trait he might bark and want to be let out and might get into a fight with the raccoon. So there are lots of different ways to interact with them. Your Sims can befriend wild horses and befriend a unicorn after a while, so there’s lots of different ways to interact with them depending on their traits and relationships.


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