What do you get when you add Skype, 3 SimGurus/Producers and SimsPlanet2? An awesome Q&A about Pets! Check it out!

SimsPlanet2 and A Pets Producer Interview1. Is it possible to have unicorns in other worlds such as Sunset Valley, Riverview or Bridgeport?
Yes you can. You can find unicorns in all neighborhoods.

2. Is it possible for animals like deer and raccoons Buydebug get the code?
The producers indicated that this is not possible. So are unicorns.

3. How can you add a unicorn in a household?
If you find a unicorn in the neighborhood, then you can be friends with (as long). If your Sim or an animal has good relations with the unicorn, the unicorn can ask you one family to live. If that is the unicorn, you can control the animal.