Russian site has posted a list of three new traits that will be included in Pirates and Nobles.

Pirates and Nobles - New Traits

Spooky pirate

  • They live to pirate! Creepy pirates love woes, especially marine scrapes.
  • Your character is like to be among the pirates
  • Your character can run pirate attacks and collect pirate file
  • Your character knows how to fight like a pirate!
  • Becomes angry (oh), when drinks

Call of the Sea
Characters with character trait “Call of the Sea” can not live without the sea. Once they stay on land, as they begin to feel like a fish out of water.

  • Your character can go fishing on the boat.
  • After traveling by ship your character will be more focused
  • Your character will start to miss the sea, while long on land


  • Crybabies hnychut in any unpleasant situation. They do not go crazy, they just cry.
  • Crybabies hnychut constantly, so please handkerchiefs.