Found the following in my RSS feed…Man, I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to play it yesterday – but according to many, it was full of many glitches and bugs. However, I’m sure Playfish will get around to resolving those.

The way the game is played has been altered to match the social aspects of Facebook.  Much like how the retail versions of The Sims have AI-controlled neighbors, The Sims Social will have user-controlled ones.  Friends and family who also play The Sims Social can be visited and interacted with by your own sim at their respective residences.  Friendships, rivalries, and even relationships can then be had on a sim-to-sim level — all in the name of entertainment, of course.

article here

One thing that bugs me…in the above it states that our neighbors aren’t controlled by AI and rather by users – but I’ve heard many say that when they visit their neighbors they are NPC’s and are AI controlled.  Which is it?