A lot of questions asked with some very interesting answers. The question that caught my eye the most was about the Sims 2 website., EA Russia confirms that it is closed. That and the next Expansion after Pets is very interesting and vital? You can see them below and more HERE.

1. The Sims Social in the future will be translated into Russian? That is, there will be multilingual?

EA Russia: YES!

2. Why developers povtoryayutsya as in The Sims 2? Will there be something new?

EA: The sixth addition to be completely new, and many like it.

3. Do you know anything about the expansion pack?

EA: Yes. Did you see the logo))

4. The sixth addition to be connected with countryside recreation (hotels, sea, sand)? It is also allowed to swim Sims … there will be a real restaurant?

EA: No!

5. Is it true that the sixth addition to The Sims 3: Weather Days / The Sims 3 serene Those Days?


6. Weather will not mean the sixth add-on?

EA: There will be absolutely right!

7. Will ” The Sims 3 Seasonal Holiday Stuff “fifth directory?

EA: No, well, at least certainly not the fifth.

8. Is it true that the site thesims2.com closed?

EA: Yes.

9. Why in the world in different countries began to close units EA? In Brazil, Ireland? And most recently – in Thailand? The Russian division will be affected?

EA: I hope not! Then who will answer all questions) We will not abandon you.

10. I’m waiting for The Sims 4, are you?

EA: I, too, though really do not know anything about it. Studio – partisans. But Sims is going to be 4 sooooo interesting.

11. Why is it so dramatically changed policy EA Russia? I’m in the sense that somehow suddenly went closer to the audience of players … Previously, you were not going to touch)))

EA: Now I)

12. Many fans want a new career “Teen” – think, the developers will listen?

EA: No, of course, despite the fact that this is the oldest profession. It’s immoral.

13. Do you think that after the “Pets” Sims 3 will die? I think yes (((

EA: When pets will also be sooooo interesting addition. I would say vital)

Source: Sims.Mexei.Ru