Azure Bowie-Hankins, assistant producer for the store, answers questions about Hidden Springs. Check out the Q&A below!

Hidden Springs - Producer Q & A

What is Hidden Springs? If it is a stuff pack or expansion pack?

Hidden Springs is a brand new game world to download, which can only be obtained through The Sims 3 Store. There, players can explore a whole new gaming world with new families, new places and some new surprises and even objects.

What exactly is included? Are there new places to live where the Sims? Places to be explored?

Hidden Springs is a luxurious resort near a lake and surrounded by picturesque mountains. The city is famous for its spa treatments at various places. It circulates the rumor of a mythical place in the woods where you see the ledge a little magic! I tell not now exactly where it is located, but hidden somewhere in the city, players can discover the fountain of youth with their Sims. At the Fountain of Youth is a brand new object, with the ledge beautify their home and fulfill your request, one or the other. But they should watch what they want, because it might come true …


Source: SimTimes