By the Watcher, a new patch has arisen that upgrades your kingdom to the awesomeness of 2.0! Open thy launcher and download today!

Manual Patch Downloads for the PC and Mac versions are below.

PC: Physical/Disc | Digital

Mac: Physical/Disc | Digital

  • New Feature: Move Out Children – Send children on adventures to make room for more children in your household.
  • New Feature: Un-Furnished Buildings – Can choose between furnished and un-furnished lots when placing a Hero Sim’s building in your kingdom.
  • New Feature:  Create-A-Sim Makeup.
  • New Feature:  Children’s clothing can be changed in CAS.
  • New Object: Chess Table.
  • Bug Fix: CAS Performance – It takes several minutes to load the thumbnails from the “View Sims” folder in CAS.

Source: Sims Slovenia and Sims Galore

Thanks to alryan011 for the patch links.