A few posts ago, we showed you an upcoming set. Now we have info about two more and about the August 2011 Compilation. We’ll update this post when these sets are added to The Sims 3 Store.

♦ Back 2 Skool ( 700 SP ) – You wouldn’t send a plumber out into the world without a wrench, nor should you send a school bound Sim out into the world without the perfect tools to learn! This pack rounds off your Sims study room with everything they could ever need!

♦ Luxe Lounge Spa ( 525 SP ) – Lounge away your cares with a luxury set built to sweep you right off your feet! Escape to a better place with objects that bring the spa home to you.

♦ Luxury Resort Attire ( 1650 SP) – Get all the latest fashions for this world and any other world you might eventually encounter in this exclusive set! Show your Sim a taste of the finer things in life!

August 2011 Compilation ( 2450 SP ) – Get everything new for the month of August with just one click! This compilation includes Luxe Lounge Spa, Back 2 Skool and Luxury Resort Attire!

 Source: SimsVIP