Parsimonious–Sims Custom Content


I have been meaning to do something like this, where I showcase some awesome custom content by Simmers out there! As I looked through the site I found a comment from a simmer asking if I could say a word about Parsimonious, and that’s what I’m doing!

Parsimonious has been around since The Sims 1 (the awesome days of Maxis) and provides custom content for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2. I actually love some of the stuff on this site, and if you love custom content then I highly recommend that you visit Parsimonious and check it out!

Go and visit now if you want awesome custom content Smile


Note: I will be doing a series of things like this, so please do feel free to show me some awesome custom content in the comments.


  1. * They make Sims 3 stuff too!

    Could you make a mention that they’re about to close if they don’t get the funds? Direct people to the survey link which will help them pay for their site.

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