From now on, get use to hearing more of the same quotes and information over and over again!  Graham Nardone has been conducting interviews with everyone – check out his latest interview with Digital Spy:

Do you think you’ll experiment more with social networking with The Sims in future?
“It’s kind of an interesting thing. You’ll see that we’ve taken advantage of these media channels, where our Facebook site has been very popular – we have over four million fans on there – and we’re always interacting with our community with those methods. Then our YouTube channel for example, it has over 37 million views now, and one of the top sponsored channels of all time. It’s kind of crazy. We see these things and they’re a really big opportunity for us, so we’re always kind of examining how we can bring these kind of things into the game, and have social integration for our players. So it’s always something we’re considering and having in our minds.”

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