Gameplay-wise, Darkspore is an interesting blend of the action-RPG elements that catapulted Diablo into legend and a rather intimidating micromanagement system revolving around the heroes you play as. Rather than just limiting you to one hero for the entire game, you start off with a selection of three out of a very small handful and as you level up you gain the ability to unlock more and more. Each hero has 3 abilities unique to them, as well as a Team Ability that is shared across all three heroes in a squad. At any time in the middle of a level, you can switch between these three heroes with the push of a button. It’s smooth, effortless and rather enjoyable. It’s also important; all of the 100 heroes and the multitude of different enemies in Darkspore fall into six different genetic “types”, and pitting a hero of one type against a monster of a similar one will prove disastrous. The game encourages you to switch up the heroes you use and maximize the potential of your squad. For something so integral to the game, it’s executed brilliantly.

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