Another poor review for The Sims 3 for the Nintendo 3DS… 5/10

Well, you see, there isn’t really one. In fact, I think all of the other Sims are homeless except for yourself. When you leave your home, you have a massive selection of 2 locations to visit. These are a town park, and a shopping area. Both contain various different shops you can browse. One of the bright sides to this game is that items are no where near as expensive as they are in other Sims games. Either that, or I have just been lucky so far with my simoleons. I furnished my house and still had $6,000 to spend. After one visit you will see all there is to see and after chatting with a Sim or two, you’ll probably just head home. There is just simply nothing else to do. You can’t go inside most of the buildings and unless you find a gym exciting, then chances are you won’t find the buildings you can go into any fun. There aren’t even any other homes you can go or be invited to. I don’t know where the townspeople live. Hell, maybe they don’t exist. Perhaps our Sims are mentally ill and everyone around them is a delusion of the mind. After all, there are no more than maybe 12 Sims (if not less) Sims you can meet. It hardly feels like a town.

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