Only two more days until Maxis shuts off the last (or presume to be) Darkspore beta as it’ll be releasing on April 29th!  They pumped out a small patch which fixes a few minor bugs within the game:


  • Fixed a bug where some purchased upgrades were not available until after restarting the game.
  • Fixed a bug where full screen resolution was not being set correctly for some refresh rates.


  • Removed objective “Defeat same species in a row”.
  • Temporarily removed the “Destroy all Destructibles” objective.
  • Lowered threshold for “Destroy all Destructibles” objective to 90%.
  • Lowered threshold for “Defeat all Darkspore” objective to 95%.
  • Changed objective “Do damage often” to better scale with difficulty.
  • “Do damage often” and “Do huge damage” now only daily objectives.
  • “Destroy all Darkspore” and “Obelisks” no longer daily objectives.