Super Secret Surprise X2


Today, EA has moved their Super Secret Surprise from Thursday, March 31st to Tuesday, April 5th. The reason for the move is that there is now a second bigger announcement. However, EA says they will still announce something on the original date. I wonder what these two announcements could possibly be.


  1. Wait so why ‘move’ the date if they’re still announcing something big on the original date?! Why not just say that there will be another announcement on the 5th?

  2. link fixed. thanks for pointing that out Jinx. one might be an April Fools joke, then again it might not be. I’m hoping that the bigger announcement being moved back a week, is because of last minute touch ups to a new trailer. Fingers crossed!

  3. I hope it will be Seasons. Can’t wait. Jud you said: I wonder what these two announcements could possibly be… new ep? Wright? Generations?

  4. Did anyone notice that there is a new daily deal every 2 hours today at the sims store?
    I wonder why they are doing this and not even announce it on the news page.

  5. All I can say is that it better not be anything lame! If it is just a new store set, or something along those lines then I will not be please.

    If they have any sense it will be a formal announcement of Generation’ and ‘Unleashed’. Hopefully, along with news of one or the other also containing weather!

    Could be something really surprising though… The Sims 4. They’ve struggled with The Sims 3 over the last year (lots of bugs, bad press, etc.), so they may cut their loses and jump to The Sims 4.

    If my dreams came true, then it would be to announce both weather and Pets in the next 2 EPs, and also that Sims will at long last be able to visit other ‘Hoods without loosing their relationships…

  6. Patch:

    They better not announce Unleashed near April Fool’s, because then we will have lots more people thinking it’s fake!

    like i said, they won’t announce “Unleashed” until E3 or Gamescon in August

  7. I am wondering if weather might be closer than we think. A few months ago (and I think it was mentioned on this site), someone went into the files of CAW and found options for flooding and such.
    In addition, I decided to explore all of the possible Moodlets when I was playing in Debug mode last night. There was a new one called “Chilly.” It has one those Sim-like explanations attached to it and its icon is that of a snowflake.
    Since I have not fully explored all three EPs that I have, I cannot say if this Moodlet is attached to an already-available object or not.
    I know that this is a bit of a stretch, but before I installed Late Night, I had been able to (in Debug mode) obtain all of the career books for Late Night. So *maybe* we will have some weather soon. Maybe. I would not be surprised of they kept weather as the very last EP for TS3.

    Oh, and while I am on the subject of Moodlets, I also found a bubble-related one (rather like the one for hot tubs, but with one crucial difference: it was for children). If I recall correctly, it was bright pink. So if I am right, and this Moodlet does not occur with children already, be sure to keep an eye out for a bubble wand or something similar when EA finally decides to release more information.

  8. YoungOldPrude u have given me sooo much hope!!! i Love you attention to detail and one of those has already proven to be true. A want will be used in the new Generations ep. I hoope seasons is coming, that would really make my day! Thanks for this tidbit!

  9. @Sally Mayfield
    That’s okay! I managed to confuse my o and i keys when I typed “of” instead of “if.”
    Anyway, I’m glad my explorations benefited someone. Let’s just hope that weather does indeed come to TS3, and soon!

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