It’s obvious that sweat has gone into translating all of Sims 3’s features onto a hand-held device, but beyond the core game – the eating, buying, working, cleaning Sims – the game feels too lightweight and its features too incidental. The franchise has successfully managed to spread itself across multiple platforms, but it seems as though the 3DS takes more away from it than it adds.

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  1. Once again, this bears the hallmarks of EA treating a Nintendo device as a shovelware outlet. Hell, even the DS version apparently had more depth than what’s on offer here.

    I can’t see why it has been scaled back like this. It’s not as if there’s a lack of storage on those 3DS cartridges (8GB), or the lack of processing and graphical power on offer either, so it’s simply down to what EA is becoming increasingly famous for: a cynical cash grab. A piece of shovelware rushed to release to make it into the 3DS’ launch lineup. The problem is, there’s far better games already on offer for those who’ve bought a 3DS, and this one deserves to find itself in the bargain bin on day one.


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