Patrick Stewart makes everything 10 times better.  Check out the (what I believe to be) the introduction cutscene from The Sims Medieval.  Special thanks to Esther aka Enjoji for letting me know about it.  I admit, I’m looking forward to getting my copy.  Sad to say everyone will be playing it before me as mine’s shipping from the UK.  But I’ll keep myself entertained by watching youtube videos on the game until then!

Watch on Gamespot


  1. Yes, it’s the introduction video that starts when you launch the game – the one you can skip by pressing any key in The Sims 3. The new thing is that it’s in your mothertongue, not Simlish or music 🙂

  2. That… was awesome 🙂 I have to say I am now much more sanguine about TSM than I have been. Starting to really look forward to it!


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